All of your HGV’s need to be Star Rated if entering the permit zone. This can only be done by the manufacturers.

The manufacturers will then inform you what the Star Rating for each vehicle is from the factory, alternatively, you can provide us with the registration number and we can check your star rating for you.

To get the Star rating from manufacturers, you need to send the chassis number to the manufacturers.

  • If your truck is a 0 Star rating then go to step 2
  • if your truck is a 1 or 2 star then it is recommended that you go to step 2, however you can get a permit that lasts until 2024

If your truck is a Star 3, 4 or 5, go to step 3

Get your vehicle Star rating


If your vehicle is a 0 Vision Star Rated then you must install the recommended safety equipment and then provide proof that this has been done to TFL when you apply for your permit.

The Following Safety equipment needs to be fitted

  • Class V and VI mirrors
  • Sideguards
  • Camera monitoring system
  • Sensor system with driver alert
  • Left-turn audible alarm
  • Warning Signage

NOTE:- It is the operators responsibility to make sure that any cameras installed as part of the DVS 2020 safety equipment are working BEFORE any HGV is sent into the restricted zone



Permits are free of charge and you can apply for one if you have the following:-

  • If your vehicle is 0 Star rated and you have installed all of the recommended Safety equipment you can apply for a permit which will last until 2024
  • If your vehicles are 1 or 2 star then you can apply for a permit that will last until 2024, however it is recommended that you install the safety equipment highlighted in step 2
  • For 3, 4 or 5 stars, you can apply for a 10 year permit

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