Direct Vision Standard (DVS2020)

This new "Direct Vision Standard", as its name suggests, is designed to improve the driver visibility of all pedestrians and cyclists. In studies this has been proved to be the single most important factor in increasing their safety.

All vehicles over 12 tonne in weight are affected by this regulation and operators will need to apply for a permit to be able to drive in the Enforcement Zone.

Every vehicle has been given a Vision Star Rating by the manufactures, this star rating goes from 0-5 stars, the basis of the star rating is how much the driver can directly see out of their front and side windows.

Depending on the star rating vehicles will need to be fitted with various safety systems before the operator can apply for a permit.

The TFL HGV Safety Permit

ALL HGV’s over 12 tonnes will automatically be banned from 1st March 2021.

To be able to enter the Enforcement Zone each vehicle will have to have a permit of approval from TfL.

The permit will be enforced 7 days a week 24 hours a day and penalties will be given from 1st March 2021

There will be no cost for a permit and you can apply from late October 2019.

Permit requirements

All 0 Star rated vehicles will be banned without a permit from October 2019 and all 0,1 & 2 Star rated vehicles will be banned without a permit from 1st October 2021.

Safe System

The DVS "Safe System" is a range of safety measures and equipment that must be installed on the vehicle before a permit is applied for. To be awarded a permit you must provide proof that the Safe System has been installed.

The Safe System equipment needs to cover the following dangers:-

  • Blind Spot vision for the driver
  • Warning Speakers informing the public that the vehicle is turning left
  • Side impact barriers

The Blind spot can be covered with mirrors and cameras or just with cameras if they meet specific specifications. The driver also needs an in cab monitor and alerts that someone is in the sensor area

The warning speakers need to be loud enough for pedestrians and cyclists to hear from a distance of 1 meter, the vehicle must also have warning stickers on the side and rear of the vehicle

Side impact barriers must be installed where possible.

Driver Training    

It is recommended for all operators to implement full training and re-training programs in place for all drivers that enter London. This is not compulsory but is highly recommended

Progressive Safe System

The new Safe System will be reviewed in 2022, if any new technology has been developed that improves safety and it is deemed important to add to the safety system these will need to be added to all 0,1 & 2 Star rated vehicles.

0, 1 & 2 Star rated vehicles will need to reapply for a 10 year permit before 2024.

To download the full TfL DVS 2020 guidelines please click here

DVS Star Rating

To get your DVS Star rating for your vehicle you can either use the contact form and provide your registration numbers for us to provide you with your star rating or contact your manufacturer, give them your chassis number and they will provide you with the "out of the factory" star rating, this does not include any additional safety equipment that you may have installed on your vehicle.

The manufacturer will then inform you and TfL what the Star Rating is for your vehicle.

ManufacturerContactPhoneEmail/online form
DAFDAF Central Engineering01844
Dennis Eagle- -
MAN Sales engineering01793
RenaultProduct engineering01926
ScaniaProduct engineering01908 210
VolvoSales engineering01926 401
Mercedes-Benz- -
IvecoProduct engineering-

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