DVS2020.org is an information site provided by Fastview360 Ltd and was created to help hauliers make sure that their fleet are 100% Direct Vision Standard compliant.

The regulation is complicated and the information on the Transport for London’s website is not easy to understand.

We wanted to provide operators an easy way to find out what they have to do to make sure they are compliant and if they need to add any Vision Safety equipment to their fleet it becomes an easy process.

With the fine being £550 per day and the obligation on the operators to make sure that all camera equipment is working before their truck enters the restriction zone this is a very important process that needs to be addressed and maintained correctly to avoid unnecessary fines.

All of the drawings and images that we have used are from the official guidance manual that you can download from Transport for London

The process to become DVS2020 compliant is long winded and painful, we have setup a Free service for haulage operators to use where we will do the work for you and find out what your HGV’s current Vision Star rating is and what you need to do to become DVS2020 compliant.

Please click here to register for this service .

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